Press Release: Pasco Tax Collector Mike Fasano and Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco Jointly Endorse Ardian Zika for the Florida House of Representatives, District 37


LAND O' LAKES, FL – Today, Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano and Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco released their joint endorsement of Ardian Zika for Florida House of Representatives, District 37.

"Ardian Zika left a civil war-torn country to seek freedom and opportunity in the United States," said Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano. "I've represented the people of Pasco County, as their Tax Collector, as their State Senator and as their State Representative and I know what it takes to stand up and fight hard for the little guy and gal. I believe Ardian Zika has what it takes to fight hard for the residents of Pasco in our state capitol. Ardian's integrity, character and faith guide his life and I know he will fight hard for us and represent us well as our State Representative."

"Ardian Zika has seen first hand what happens when people are not safe and secure in their own homes and communities," said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. "Ardian fled a country torn by terror and fear, to seek hope and opportunity in the United States. Ardian's path to freedom hasn't been easy, but his dedication and perseverance led him to earn a degree, become a community banker and operate his own small business. Ardian's commitment to his family and to his community shines through. His dedication to seeing each and every person reach their goals is evident. This election, Ardian Zika has my strong support and I hope he can count on your support too."

"I am humbled to receive Pasco County Tax Collector Mike Fasano and Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco's endorsement," said Ardian Zika. "Both of these men have given selflessly to serve Pasco County and make our community a better place to live and work. I am deeply grateful for their commitment to our community and to each and every resident in Pasco County. I am honored to have received their joint endorsement and am truly appreciative of their support and their endorsement this election."

About Ardian Zika

Ardian is the product of American exceptionalism and a modern-day story of the American Dream. He is deeply-rooted in conservative values. Ardian immigrated to the United States as a teenager from Kosovo in 1997, leaving behind a civil conflict and political turmoil in the war-torn former Yugoslavia. Ardian arrived in the United States with nothing but a willingness to work hard and a desire to earn an education. He pulled himself up by the bootstraps and emerged as an example of an American Dream success story.

Ardian’s strong faith and conservative values have guided his personal and professional pursuits. He is a Conservative Republican running for the Florida House of Representatives to serve our community. He will work tirelessly so that no Floridian is left behind as they embark on their journey toward the American Dream.

Ardian graduated from high school in Louisiana, earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Leo University. While at Louisiana Tech University, Ardian was elected to the Student Senate, served as Student Government Executive Vice-President, Student Senate President, Student Government Supreme Court Chief Justice and Vice-President of the College Republican Club.

Ardian and his wife Tasha have been married for twelve years. They have five children, Natalie, Riley, Jed, Zachary & William. They are active members of Idlewild Baptist Church.

Ardian is President & CEO of Guardian Street, LLC., a strategic business advisory practice specializing in small and medium size commercial and industrial middle market companies. Prior to founding his company, Ardian spent 14 years in the banking industry in various leadership roles including serving as a Senior Vice President and Vice President. In 2015, Ardian was selected and recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal for the 40 Under 40 Up & Comer Award, given annually to selected rising business leaders in the Tampa Bay.

Ardian had the honor and privilege to receive three Gubernatorial Appointments by the Florida Governor Rick Scott to three volunteer boards -the Florida Council on Homelessness, the Pasco-Hernando State College Board of Trustees and the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors. Ardian is a firm believer in serving the community. He served on the Pasco Education Foundation Board of Directors, Tampa-Hillsborough Economic Development Council Task Force on International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment, Dade City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Dade City Rotary Club, Trinity YMCA Advisory Board of Directors, Zephyrhills YMCA Advisory Board of Directors and other community involvements.